Administrative Services

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Administrative Services

Our objective at The Yeatman Group is to get you up and running. . .and profitable. . . in the U.S. with minimum investment and involvement on your part; and then to manage and grow that U.S. operation until the company’s management chooses to do so directly.

Our support services are varied and cover a broad range of requirements. Depending on your specific needs, any combination of the following services can be provided.

Organizations diversifying or expanding have a variety of facility needs, some temporary and others permanent. These needs will change as the entity grows. The Yeatman Group can provide the seamless conversion necessary during these transition times.

These services can range from providing personal phone answering, mailing and shipping to virtual and actual office facilities, staffed by our personnel, your own or a combination effort.

1. Telephone Lines/Telemarketing
One of the primary needs of any organization is communications. Establishing a voice and electronic link within the organization and to its marketplace is essential. This link should always present the organization in the best possible light, by perception and timely actions. The Yeatman Group can establish, directly or indirectly, telephone and fax lines, e-mail capabilities, World Wide Web sites and any number of other resources which, even if not managed directly by the client, will appear to be. We can also, telemarket our clients’ products or services directly or indirectly.

2. Virtual Office Set-Up
Until an organization has grown to the point of actually requiring a facility of its own, The Yeatman Group can obtain a shared facility that can respond as if it were an actual facility, owned and operated by our clients. Our trained and professional staff will greet and acknowledge all the client’s visitors as if employees of the client. The client can fly its staff in to use these shared facilities for meetings and present an image of a larger-than-reality organization.

3. Real Estate/Office Set-Up
A major difficulty for many organizations is working through the real estate maze. Locating the appropriate facility, meeting local and regional requirements and still maintaining budgetary restraints can be a troublesome process. The Yeatman Group’s experienced staff can locate a facility, obtain local resources to ensure compliance with regulations and laws, have the facility prepared for occupancy and organize its inauguration.

4. Legal, Insurance and Financial Assistance
International clients may require assistance in selecting local legal, accountancy, banking or similar services. Matching the scope and scale of the service required with the client is essential in ensuring adequate service at a cost-effective price. Experience and personal knowledge of these service providers enable us to recommend the best alternatives to our clients.

5. Freight Brokers
International transit of tangible and intangible goods is a critical element of every organization as the global market becomes more unified. More and more providers of these services become available every day. Knowing Department of Commerce import and export regulations is absolutely essential in order to stay within the bounds of regulations and to pay the minimum amount of tariffs. Too many common carriers will assign commodity codes to products which ensure the highest tariff and the least work for them. This can be extremely costly to the client and be a major impediment to its profitability. We have experience in working with the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Customs and many similar organizations and can obtain assistance in ensuring the most cost-effective compliance.

6. Human Resources
National, regional and local regulations, governing employees and their workplace are growing at an exponential rate. In order to avoid costly and time consuming litigation it is essential that any organization operates in compliance with these regulations. The Yeatman Group can obtain a review of the client's plans and ensure that everything is in compliance.

7. Security
Today’s marketplace increasingly values high tech components and end products as much or more than fine jewelry. This has necessitated the introduction of security/loss prevention measures not normally found in the average facility. The Yeatman Group team has full understanding of and experience with this problem and can provide direct and indirect assistance to meet your specific needs.

Each client has its own criteria and needs with respect to entering a marketplace with a product, product line or a whole company. The Yeatman Group offers a pallet of capabilities to satisfy the diverse range of our client’s needs.

1. Contract Manufacturing
It may become necessary to supplement or substitute the client’s manufacturing facility with an outside source. Through our many years in the computer, electronics and other technology-based markets we have worked with many highly qualified and reliable contract manufacturers. Our experience and references can help our clients avoid the painful and costly trial and error qualification of a contract manufacturer.

2. Technical Support/On-Site Service
Product support is a key element in customer satisfaction and in the marketing success of a product. Providing fast, responsive local support or service can be a major factor in our client's success. We can locate, qualify and manage outside providers that will respond to customer and prospect calls. These services can be transparent to the customer and appear to be provided by the client directly. The providers will forward activity reports to the clients for their records and follow-up.

3. Product Repair /In and Out-of-Warranty
Depending on the client’s capabilities and location, it may choose an outside source to process and handle product repairs. This service can also be obtained and managed by The Yeatman Group as a shadow service of the client, where the customer will be unaware the service is outsourced.
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