Portfolio of Services

Portfolio of Services

Our diverse and experienced staff can provide a wide range of marketing services to meet virtually every need. We can be the focal point of any of these services or we can operate as a support and verification unit.

Designed to generate both brand awareness and qualified sales leads, the marketing communications program represents one of the most critical elements of a successful marketing venture. The Yeatman Group personnel and our affiliated agency have a remarkable record of success in enabling companies to capture "share of mind" and share of market.

Through our exclusive association with one this leading U.S. industrial/technical marketing communications agency, the Yeatman Group can develop and implement a complete, coordinated promotion program including:

Routes to market can vary dramatically, as can the specific sales channels to best serve them. The Yeatman Group can evaluate themost effective means to support your sales effort. Depending on our needs analysis and your objectives we can provide any of the following scenarios or an appropriate combination.

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