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Marketing Services

The ability to effectively integrate a complete range of marketing tactics and strategies - or a selected combination - is essential to successful, profitable market penetration, development and growth.

The Yeatman Group’s strength lies in its ability to offer all of the services required for an effective marketing plan and the expertise to choose tactics that maximize and synergize the effort at minimum cost. The following summarizes some of the fundamental Yeatman Group capabilities which may form a part of the marketing strategy we propose for you.

Maximizing growth and profitability for a company’s ownership is the highest priority in today’s fast paced, predatory environment. Many organizations find that combining their assets with another company’s, or acquiring another company, is the fastest way to obtain this growth and profitability. The Yeatman Group, utilizing its experience and contacts, can: assist in the search process, investigate markets, participate in due diligence, even mediate and coordinate any restructuring to ensure that the greatest market potential is realized.

In order to maximize a company’s potential without developing all the resources necessary to present a product or service to a marketplace, many organizations choose to partner with another company or license the product or service to another company. Finding potential organizations and qualifying them can be a very difficult and costly process. The Yeatman Group can assist in organizing a search process directly or indirectly.

We can also provide counseling and advice through the negotiations phase to avoid many of the potential marketing pitfalls which can arise after an agreement is concluded. Having a strong marketing plan in place can determine the success or failure of such a venture.

The Yeatman Group employs a variety of methods to assist its clients in matters of market research. Our staff of professional marketers have developed a vast list of contacts and market researchers, in addition to providing a variety of in-house market research functions to meet specific client needs. These include surveys and questionnaires, (conducted independently of or in conjunction with any of the trade publications), assistance in the tracking, monitoring and qualifying of inquiries to provide product/territory/industry interest data, and the acquisition of market information through the databases of the various business press publications, on-line services and other syndicated market information resources.

Elements of the market research process can include:

1. Client Interview
The best, most cooperative and least expensive source for market information is the client. The information obtained from the client forms the cornerstone of any marketing endeavor. Years of experience allow us to concentrate on the key market aspects necessary to provide objective data that will allow the client to reach an objective decision. This then allows us to develop questionnaires and scenarios that are used in the other aspects of market research and analysis.

2. Prospect Dialog
Discussions with potential customers provide invaluable information with respect to product reception and the way it should be marketed. As an independent organization with a staff of industry recognized individuals, The Yeatman Group can easily obtain appointments with most organizations. In many cases our reputation attracts the most influential individuals in these organizations to our meetings, a factor that will result in insight based on the core philosophy of the organizations.

3. Competitive Analysis
Knowing who the competition is, their perceived market share and what their view of the market is, can be invaluable. Capitalizing on our individual reputations as accurate market and industry prognosticators, we can usually obtain even greater and meaningful information than is available to the general public. This information can then be coupled with industry reports and surveys to establish who is doing what and how much.

4. Editorial Verification
The editorial staff of industry trade journals represents a fountain of information that is invaluable to any organization. These individuals are aware of the latest technologies and market trends. They are personally knowledgeable about the key individuals within prospect and competitive organizations and can provide names and introductions, where appropriate. Our years of experience in working with industry editors and providing them with articles and information for their work have generated personal relationships, allowing easier access to them, their information and insights.

5. Test Marketing
When time and resources allow, test marketing a concept or product provides the most qualitative results. Unfortunately, in many fast paced markets this aspect of market research is impractical due to cost or time factors. We do have the capabilities to determine the best test markets and can organize limited tests, as practical.

An alternative to this approach is selecting key prospects and organizing "Beta Tests". Once a concept for a product or service has been formulated, we can arrange a meeting with a potential user and discuss the features, benefits and marketability of the concept. The user can then provide feedback, agree to test pre-production units and assist in suggesting improvements, if warranted.

6. Feasibility Study
Whether undertaking the introduction of a new product, or product line, or penetrating a new market, one of the most important acts any company can undertake is testing and verifying market concepts. The Yeatman Group can develop and implement a Feasibility Study that matches the company’s needs and resources. Such an endeavor employs many of the other aspects of the market research program and can range from speaking with a handful of prospects, industry editors and suppliers in the market or associated markets; a through to full test marketing.

This tailored and client targeted effort can also be supported by one or more industry market surveys. Having a third party, like The Yeatman Group, perform the feasibility study removes the possibility of introducing subjectivity to the study.

The marketing communications effort works best when it is developed by an agency skilled in all phases of business-to-business communications, working in close concert with a supportive client, and is implemented as a coordinated, fully integrated program. Although the client’s primary interests may require only selected agency services, we offer a complete spectrum of agency skills. It should be a comfort to know that we can provide highly qualified assistance on an as-needed basis in all of the following areas:

1. Public Relations
The Yeatman Group’s resources include a fully developed arsenal of public relations capabilities and a proven track record of implementing them with remarkable, measurable results. Our reputation among editors has grown so strong that we, as a group, are frequently solicited for editorial input ranging from quick quotes from our clients, to product updates, to major feature articles, to magazine covers. Major trade publication editors frequently visit our agency office because they know that many appropriate clients will be brought in to them for productive meetings, making life easy for the editors and making exposure easy for our clients. We delight in putting our editorial relationships to work in ways that benefit both the clients and the editors who keep coming back for more.

2. Space Advertising
Our expertise in producing results-oriented (and award winning) campaigns has been well documented over the years. Based on client objectives and budget considerations, we develop individual ads and complete campaigns ranging from fractional page black and white to full page, full-color-bleed units.

Ads are designed to support product promotion or positioning objectives, and to generates sales leads but always with the intent of achieving increased sales and share of mind among the target audiences.

3. On-Line/Electronic Marketing
As computer technology continues to present new marketing possibilities, The Yeatman Group continues to stay current. From understanding the ins and outs of marketing on the Internet, to developing home pages and complete Web sites, to providing materials for reproduction on disk or as other electronic files, The Yeatman Group can help you benefit from on-line and related electronic marketing techniques.

4. Direct Mail
The Yeatman Group develops a variety of direct mail programs, including direct response postcards and targeted direct mail campaigns. These services range from the design and production of custom self-mailers to the conversion of existing ads or other materials to direct mail pieces in order to both reduce prep costs and support message reinforcement.

In addition to the mailers themselves, we assist our clients in developing both lists and list sources, including client databases, purchased/rented lists, etc.

5. Collateral Materials
The Yeatman Group can produce virtually all of the sales and technical literature, from scratch, for most clients. Our collateral capabilities include corporate and capabilities brochures, technical data sheets, product catalogs, shortform catalogs, price lists, cross-references, literature folders, binders, sales manuals and other supporting materials. Types range from inexpensive one- and two-color pieces in standard and custom sizes to full color brochures and catalogs.

We are also sensitive to the needs for and possibilities of on-line collateral materials and produce many of our clients’ catalogs for conversion to disk or CD-ROM, or for "cybernating" on the World Wide Web.

All literature is designed and produced with an eye toward maximizing the impact of the message and assuring a totally unified, coordinated, "one-corporation" look for each client. It is critical that collateral material reflect the image projected in advertising, direct mail, publicity and other promotional programs. Literature should not only be graphically compatible with other promotional materials, but should reflect the same kinds of sales messages and marketing thrusts as the total program. Even the most technical aspects of the literature should tie in to the basic objectives of a coordinated program. The production of collateral that is technically sound in its concept and content, appealing in its graphics, positive and informative in its presentation, cost-effective in its production and strikes a positive chord in the American marketplace is a Yeatman Group specialty.

6. Inquiry Fulfillment and Management
Because we believe so strongly in the importance of proper inquiry fulfillment and management, we work closely with our clients in this critical area. We help them design and manage in-house or contract fulfillment systems ranging from simple, manual procedures to sophisticated, fully computerized systems. The latter, in addition to rapidly and efficiently handling and qualifying sales leads, builds an on-going marketing database for a variety of purposes, including direct mail and other promotions, geographic and product interest analyses and other sales and marketing tasks. Telemarketing can also be employed as an adjunct to or a vital link with the inquiry fulfillment scheme.

7. Trade Shows
From national trade expositions to regional shows to local "table-top" venues to "virtual trade shows" on the Web, The Yeatman Group helps its clients make the most of their trade show expenditures. Our activities span the gamut: from pre-show publicity and promotions, to booth graphics, to complete booth design and production, to post-show follow-up. . .even to show analysis and selection.

8. Newsletters
Our involvement in this area ranges from designing a formatted masthead to writing, producing and distributing the complete newsletter. For most of our clients, the newsletter is targeted at field sales personnel, sales representatives or a customer/prospect list.

9. Videos
Videos, properly created, can bring certain services and products to life in a way that other promotional materials cannot. As such, they can play a valuable role in a coordinated communications strategy. At The Yeatman Group, our involvement in video production ranges from concept development and script consultation, to script writing and editing assistance, to production house selection and supervision.

10. Supporting Communications Activities
The Yeatman Group further assists its clients through special promotions, sales contests, give-aways, national sales meetings, telemarketing, corporate identity programs, sales training and other communications activities supporting marketing and other management objectives.

One of the most critical decisions a company faces after deciding to enter a market is how to offer the product to the prospective customers. This can range from telemarketing, phone or mail orders only, all the way to personal sales teams for each customer. Most organizations not targeting end-users, decide on a route to market somewhere in between these two extremes. There are advantages and disadvantages to every approach depending on the product or service, company goals and resources.

The Yeatman Group has a depth of experience in each of these routes to market and can introduce, develop and even manage any combination of these. Years of management experience brings with it the understanding that any sales team, direct or indirect, needs continuous support and reinforcement. Without such efforts, costs escalate and maximum productivity remains an elusive target.

For most companies, the following represent traditional effective routes to market:

1. Distribution
Utilizing distributors for a product is most effective with products of limited technical complexity and relatively high margins and low quantities, or in support of a direct sales program that will handle the larger quantity sales.

Matching the client’s profile and needs to a distributor or network of distributors is extremely important. Not every situation is best served by a large national distributor or, conversely by a series of local distributors. Our personal knowledge of many of these distributors, including their strengths and weaknesses in specific markets, reduces the danger of years of juggling distributors until an appropriate association is finalized.

2. Manufacturer's Representatives
The Manufacturer’s Representative is the most popular route to market for organizations with technical products or services trying to penetrate a market with limited resources. These "rep" organizations provide sales services for a variety of companies with associated, but not necessarily competing, product lines within a specified geographic area. This method exposes your products or services to a broader range of prospective customers. Unlike distributors, these groups do not purchase or stock any of their principals’ products. They are sales personnel, paid on a commission basis, and require some marketing and technical support. To avoid some of the pitfalls that can be associated with this route to market, it is necessary to actively manage these organizations to maintain the incentives which will keep your products a priority in their sales effort.

Most manufacturer’s representatives provide services in a limited geographical area. Therefore, a number of organizations need to be retained to cover the entire country. The Yeatman Group’s years of experience bring personal knowledge of a broad range of man facturer’s representatives, how to manage these groups, maximize their productivity and how to obtain the most appropriate organizations to sell your products.

3. Direct Sales
This route to market, although requiring the highest initial investment, provides the client with the most control and the potential for the greatest sales effort. Determining the number of individuals and locations that would be required and finding the best qualified and most experienced individuals to accomplish your goals can be a daunting task. Based on our knowledge of and connections with people in the business, The Yeatman Group can locate and pre-qualify a list of candidates to meet your requirements.

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