The Changing World Market

The Changing World Market

Over the last decade, the global economy has been changing at a lightning pace. And all indications are that this pace will continue to increase rather than decrease. Survivors in this race will be those who can anticipate the future and be there when it arrives. Our mission is to be there and help other businesses do the same.

For us, the future is simple: the globe will become one marketplace, organizations will no longer have the luxury of having large management structures and staff specialists, and company resources will be physically distributed and linked electronically.

These changes, which are already taking place, may create turmoil for companies, their owners and their employees. They can also create great opportunities for those with the vision to understand the changes and provide for their needs.

Today’s business climate makes it virtually impossible for small to midsize companies to effectively compete and succeed in their marketplaces. The complex marketing, sales, and management talents necessary to ensure success are vast and varied. In order to break the barrier to success, small and midsize technology companies need full access to these disciplines but their costs can be prohibitive. Now such companies can lease management power, connections and capabilities equal to that of much larger and more successful businesses from The Yeatman Group to:

The unification of the world’s markets mandates that if a technology company wishes to be a truly global resource, it must successfully penetrate the US marketplace. This presents a particular challenge to UK and European companies trying to establish themselves in the very complex US marketplace. Having a local resource that understands the culture and actions necessary to accomplish this task -- and has a demonstrated success record -- is essential. The Yeatman Group can assist UK and European companies in entering this marketplace -- from the basic task of finding appropriate and qualified sales channel right through to establishing an actual or virtual subsidiary. Our internal resources enable us to provide a full range of marketing and sales capabilities coupled with our affiliations to supply, when necessary, such services as:

The YEATMAN Group: Established to meet your needs today. . .ready to help you conquer the future.

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